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Automotive | Home Window Tint Removal Service

San Diego / Encinitas

Has your old tint become so faded and bubbled that you can’t see through the windows? Did you receive a citation to remove the tint from your two front windows?

Sun Solutions can help! We specialize in tint removal for home and auto using the latest techniques to ensure a clean and safe process.

Auto Tint Removal

Sometimes bad film goes bad. It turns purple, is hazy, and just bubbles off the window! Not only is it an eyesore but it can be a safety hazard as well. Sun Solutions specializes in window tint removal. Whether you’re in up Carlsbad or down the coast in La Jolla or San Diego, we can help you. We have specialized techniques to remove tint quickly and safely from your vehicle’s windows. We don’t take short cuts in our processes. We take extra care to preserve the integrity of your rear window defogger by steaming off the film, thus keeping those defogger lines safe and working.

Home/Commercial Flat Glass Tint Removal

Whether you need the tint removed from an entire living room of windows, or just a few windows in your office, we can get it done quickly and worry free. We use the finest equipment and techniques, and there is no window too big or small for us. Our staff is ready to help you pick out a new tint, one with a lifetime warranty so you can enjoy many years of protection from the sun’s damaging effects. So, if you want to preserve that ocean view from your Cardiff hillside home, or protect against the stronger sun in inland Poway, call Sun Solutions for your office and home window-tinting needs.